About HumanEfficiency.com

Being efficient is the key to becoming successful and there are many aspects and opportunities to becoming efficient.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where individuals and organizations are being driven by minimal motivation, minimal integrity, and decision-making based on perceptions and ideological thinking.  The mission of HumanEfficiency.com and Human Efficiency Solutions, LLC is to change this.

The founder of Human Efficiency Solutions, LLC is George Weber who is a chemical engineer with over thirty five years of experience in business and industry.  He is also a former candidate for Congress for the 14th Congressional District in Illinois in 2018.  The best way to define what engineers do is that they come up with the most efficient way possible to solve a problem.  They do this by making decisions based on facts and science-based logic and solving the root cause of the problem, not some intermediate issue.  Human Efficiency Solutions applies these principles to making individuals and organizations more efficient.